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Name:100 Icons
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[community profile] 100_icons - an icon claim community inspired by [ profile] iconfiend100. The basis of this community is to claim a subject and create 100 icons about said subject.

So what exactly do I do?
- Read the rules.

- Pick a claim - it can be a character, pairing/threesome (or general group of no more than three), or general series.

- Choose a table.

- Sign up here - please check and make sure your subject is available.

- Create 100 icons; 50 based on the tables, 50 Artist's Choices. These icons must be new, created specifically for this community.

The posting guidelines are as follows:

In the subject of your post, please put your claim and table number.

In the header of your post, please include the following information:
Theme set:
# of icons in post:
# of icons completed total:
Credits: (This is only if you used resources that must be credited!

Is that it?
That's it! This is a low-key community. :D

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