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Currently, we have four tables! Each has contains code you can copy and paste - this code contains the 50 Artist's Choice spaces.


001.Love. 002.Hate. 003.Joy. 004.Sadness. 005.Anger.
006.Ignore. 007.Score. 008.Death. 009.Forgiveness. 010.Alone.
011.Black and White. 012.Golden. 013.Blank 014.Green. 015.Shades of Gray.
016.Forgive. 017.Embarrass. 018.Fight. 019.Tough. 020.Precious.
021.New. 022.Laugh. 023.Active. 024.Silly. 025.Annoy.
026.Intoxicated. 027.Fire. 028.Earth. 029.Breath. 030.Here We Go.
031.Work. 032.Play. 033.Bored. 034.Rest. 035.Awaken.
036.Family. 037.Habit. 038.Snack. 039.Memory. 040.Drink.
041.Pain. 042.Pleasure. 043.Shock. 044.Awe. 045.Never Enough.
046.Innocence. 047.Wink. 048.Blush. 049.Smirk. 050.Frown.

Copy and Paste for Table One:


001.Happy. 002.Satisfaction. 003.Drama. 004.Write 005.Clothes.
006.Hungry. 007.Attack. 008.Yummy. 009.Play. 010.Fuzzy.
011.Fun. 012.Intrigue. 013.Home. 014.Animal. 015.Move.
016.Friends. 017.Pillow. 018.Gift. 019.Attract. 020.Hug.
021.Hand. 022.Eyes. 023.Mine. 024.Don’t Even Know. 025.Betrayal.
026.Never Let Go. 027.Train. 028.Strength. 029.Forlorn. 030.Flash.
031.Never Forgive. 032.Forget It. 033.Here is Where I Belong. 034.Uncomfortable. 035.Flowers.
036.Hero/ine. 037.Victory. 038.Darkness. 039.Light. 040.Hallucinate.
041.Fear. 042.Perverse. 043.Owned. 044.Shattered. 045.Walk Away.
046.Back to Back. 047.Fierce. 048.Down Below. 049.Up Above. 050.Look Around.

Copy and Paste for Table Two


001.Adorable. 002.Coquette. 003.Irresistable. 004.Hands Off. 005.Fingertips.
006.Toy. 007.Entice. 008.Idiotic Behavior. 009.Zero to Sixty. 010.Catch the Rays.
011.Unexpected. 012.Superiority. 013.Failure. 014.Last Chance. 015.Lost.
016.Rich. 017.Taste. 018.Kiss. 019.Undercover. 020.Jealousy.
021.Affection. 022.Fantasy 023.Forced Smiles. 024.Date Night. 025.Awkward.
026.Run Away. 027.Discovery. 028.Gentle Giant. 029.Barefoot. 030.Snuggle.
031.Pin Down. 032.Understanding. 033.Smothered. 034.Pet. 035.Death.
036..Disappointment. 037.Shaken Up. 038.Choose. 039.Wild. 040.Together Forever.
041.Alone Forever. 042.Abandoned. 043.Missing You. 044.Better Off Alone. 045.Need.
046.Lingering. 047.Punch. 048.Drive. 049.Hat. 050.Right Behind.

Copy and Paste for Table Three


001.Sweet. 002.Interlocked. 003.Wavering. 004.Honesty. 005.Dance.
006.Horrified. 007.Walls. 008.Danger. 009.Brothers/Sisters. 010.Spy.
011.Feathers. 012.Here and Now. 013.Losing Faith. 014.Sugar and Spice. 015.Obsessed.
016.Flying High. 017.Reading. 018.Run Away. 019.Time Goes By. 020.Water.
021.In Too Deep. 022.Out in the Open. 023.Shadows. 024.Glass. 025.Broken.
026.Sleeping In. 027.Pet. 028.Never Alone. 029.Stare. 030.Sitting Pretty.
031.Fire. 032.Unexpected. 033.Inside Out. 034.Sweet Tooth. 035.Slime.
036.Welcome Home. 037.Dirty Little Secret. 038.Pig Out. 039.Shower. 040.War.
041.Afraid. 042.See You Around. 043.Catch and Release. 044.For the Best. 045.At Peace.
046.Over the Shoulder. 047.Windswept. 048.Cleanliness. 049.Athletic. 050.Backwards.

Copy and Paste for Table Four

You must choose one of these tables when you sign up for [community profile] 100_icons here.
inarticulate: Masahiro holding Guren's hand, from Shounen Onmyouji (二度とその手を離さない)

From: [personal profile] inarticulate

I just noticed this, having already yoinked the code, but the first table has a repeat of fight: 007 and 018.

(And, because I can't figure out where else to put this, many thanks to you for this community; it seems to have kicked me into iconning overdrive. ♥)
inarticulate: Ginshu from Amatsuki smiling. (/me faints)

From: [personal profile] inarticulate

With so many themes, I think it's pretty much bound to happen. But, uh, I am not so skilled at catching, because I swear I looked for other duplicates when I first noticed-- but I just realized that 023 and 034 are both Rest, too. /o\ Sorry!


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