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These are the rules for [community profile] 100_icons - please read before participating in the community.

01. Subjects may be claimed by five iconers at once. If there is a subject you want to claim but five people have already claimed it, you'll either have to wait until one of them finish/drop, or you'll have to choose a different subject.

02. The theme tables each contain 50 prompts, leaving 50 open for Artist's Choice. You may not have more than 50 Artist's Choice icons.

03. Any type of icon is welcome, be it still, animated, textured, or simply cropped. No elitism here!

04. You may have two claims at once That is, two claims from two separate fandoms. If you want to claim two subjects from the same fandom, you'll have to wait until you complete the first before claiming the second (unless you're claiming them as a pairing).

05. Posts with more than three icons, nudity, or explicit language must be under a cut.

06. All icons must be for public use. Meaning, if you create an icon and you don't want other people to be able to use it, don't post it in this community - create a new icon instead. Mention your credit policy on all posts.

07. If you do not update your claim in three months, I will assume it abandoned. Even one icon is considered an update, so please don't go over three months without posting! However, I understand that sometimes life gets crazy. If you let me know ahead of time, I will put your claim on hiatus.
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([personal profile] nan Aug. 18th, 2010 07:47 pm)
Currently, we have four tables! Each has contains code you can copy and paste - this code contains the 50 Artist's Choice spaces.

Here! )

You must choose one of these tables when you sign up for [community profile] 100_icons here.
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([personal profile] nan Aug. 18th, 2010 10:09 pm)
Here is where you sign up for [community profile] 100_icons! Remember to please join the community and read the rules!

Claim: (What fandom, pairing, character, etc. you are claiming)
Table: Table One, Two, Three, or Four

Current Claims )


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